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World Cup: An unusual season

Quadrathlon Kaposvar (HUN) 2020 (c) L. RohdeQuadrathlon Kaposvar (HUN) 2020 (c) L. Rohde

Everyone must have imagined the year 2020 differently, because the Covid pandemic did not stop at any area of life. Also the sport was very limited, not only that some events could not take place, partly the normal training (the freedom of movement) was limited. But in these difficult times at least three World Cup races could take place. So the minimum number of the WQF was reached to have a World Cup classification at the end. Normally there are usually 7 to 10 races to choose, where the athletes can collect points. Because this evaluation was carried out under very unusual conditions and not all athletes always had the chance to take part, the WQF decided to close only one evaluation at the end but not to award cups and medals as usual. Therefore the look back in this article is shorter than usual. We just hope that in 2021 we will be able to get back to normality and see many athletes and friends at the competitions again.

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by L. Rohde



1. Stefan Teichert (GER) 3254.8
2. Krzysztof Wolski (POL) 2379.8
3. William Peters (BEL) 2372.9
4. Ferenc Csima (HUN) 2200.0
5. Martin Saitl (CZE) 2024.8


1. Lisa Teichert (GER) 3400.0
2. Susanne Walter (GER) 2215.3
3. Kata Balázs (HUN) 2053.6
4. Csilla Sápi (HUN) 1881.0
5. Anke Trilling (GER) 1179.1


All podium placings (overall and age classes) can print their certificates under the following link:

Organizer Homepage


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