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Quadrathlon in Limmer –
everything as usual?

European Champions share everything © Andreas HausenEuropean Champions share everything © Andreas Hausen

Yes and no. This year, Eichel’s Event took over the organisation at the same location. Tomas and his team from KC Limmer were still in charge of the paddle discipline, thank you for your outstanding commitment and the work you have done! Without you this competition would not be possible for us.
For the most part, the well-known athletes were also at the start, and the podium finishers also came from the circle of the usual suspects. Fortunately, there were a few new and young athletes at the start, some of whom were doing their first Quadrathlon. Hopefully they had a very positive experience in the usually beautiful early summer weather (how Tomas manages to do that every year is a mystery to me) and will remain loyal to us.
The future could certainly belong to Jia-Ming, Alexander, Lukas and Lars Bennet.
It was also a premiere that we were allowed to be the first starting group. With all its advantages and disadvantages: the course was free of other athletes, but the organisers (including the police) were slightly surprised at how fast our athletes were. You could say almost faster than the police allowed. On the bike and run courses, the course management was not always optimal, we will also let the organisers know our suggestions for improvement later.
At this point I would like to mention how well many of our competitions are otherwise organised!
The course of the race. After the swim, there has rarely been such a tight field at the top. This tension was partly maintained until the end. With more precise course management, it would certainly have been even more exciting, because neither Anna-Lena nor Dennis would have lost contact with the leaders. It was also annoying that two athletes were allowed to enjoy the bike course longer. If Susanne had been able to mobilise all her strength on the way, we would have seen a few more duels. The temperatures, which had been unfamiliar until then, had taken their toll on the athletes.
In the lead, Ferenc was able to make up for his short paddle time and finish ahead of Nick and Dennis. Anke and Olli had a close duel at the kayak exit. Matthias was able to overtake Laurent in the sprint to the finish – we were allowed to be eyewitnesses to the duel of the strongest runners. Antje proved her strength again in second place, the not quite perfect organisation unfortunately denied us an exciting duel on eye level with Anna-Lena until then. Overall, there were many good results and placings for the German athletes in each age group.
Despite the shortcomings in the triathlon disciplines, we were able to experience a very nice European Championships. For the first time, even several athletes were involved in the winner’s bonus, because despite the summer weather, neither Anke nor Ferenc could empty their glasses of wheat beer alone.

by László Szabó

All photos: © Lars Rohde



1. Ferenc Csima (HUN) 01:26:56
2. Nick Verduyckt (BEL) 01:28:18
3. Dennis Möller (GER) 01:29:28


1. Anke Trilling (GER) 01:40:02
2. Anke Fiebig (GER) 01:43:10
3. Anna-Lena Klee (GER) 01:46:36

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