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WQF Annual Congress, 2020 – Summary

Balaton Quadrathlon (HUN) 2017 (c) seakayaking.huBalaton Quadrathlon (HUN) 2017 (c) seakayaking.hu

The annual WQF Cogress was also held at the end of last year. At this meeting, members from Great Britain, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany, who were entitled to vote, exchanged information about the last year. It was a difficult year, not only for the sport, and it will probably not be so easy in 2021 either.

Next season the WQF will try to organise a World Cup again, if at least 3 races can take place. The corona virus will still be with us this year. We all hope that the situation will improve soon and we will have a relatively normal season. Please note, however, that this year’s competitions may also be subject to last-minute changes or even cancellations. Fingers crossed! Keep your distance and stay healthy!

The Executive Board of the WQF was also newly elected or confirmed in office, as is the case every two years:

  • Vaclav Marek as President
  • Jean Ashley as Vice President
  • Stefan Teichert as Treasurer
  • John Kavanagh as Secretary
  • Ferenc Csima as Chair of Technical Matters

There were no other changes or adjustments.

Important documents

WQF Congress 2020 Minutes
WQF Sport and Competition Order
WQF Constitution
WQF World Cup 2020

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