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Hot and tight race in Tiszafüred

Well photographed men's podium by Lars RohdeWell photographed men's podium by Lars Rohde

On the second weekend in September the Hungarian Tiszafüred hosted the Middle Distance World Championship. As in the previous years the event was organised again by the Hungarian Sri Chimnoy Marathon Team with the help of local canoe club. Thanks to the organisation the number of quadrathletes is increasing year by year. This time 22 athletes were at the start from Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain and France.
Weather conditions were again very hot. Air temperature almost 30 degree and water temperature above 23 degree so no Neo was allowed. The kayak course was a little shorter than usual because mud dredging was done in one part of the bay.
In the men’s race Laurent Martinou (FRA) took the quickest start in the swimming and continued it on the flat 1 lap cycling course. Chasers Ferenc Csima (HUN) Leos Rousavy (CZE) and López Pérez Francisco (SPA) followed him with small gap. In kayak Csima overtook Martinou, and López cached Rousavy. Csima could keep 2 minutes gap until the end of the race before Martinou. Rousavy was also able to keep distance to tiring Pérez and completed the podium.
In the women’s race it was also a tight race for the first place. Völgyesi Adrienn (HUN) was leading after the swimming followed by Balázs Kata (HUN) and Susanne Walter (GER). On the bike course Walter overtook her rivals with a notable time (only the top 3 man athletes had better time). In kayak and running Völgyesi closed the gap but could not catch Walter. The podium was completed by Balázs.
Now the World Cup positions are already decided. The winner of women’s overall Word Cup in 2023 is Susanne Walter (GER). The second place is going to Ellen Mielke (GER), the third place is going to Antje Fiebig (GER). The winner of men’s overall World Cup in 2023 is Ferenc Csima (HUN) The second place is going to Leoš Roušavý (CZE), the third place is going to Laurent Martinou (FRA).

by Ferenc Csima

© Fotos by Lars Rohde



1. Ferenc Csima (HUN) 2:52:07
2. Laurent Martinou (FRA) 2:54:06
3. Leoš Roušavý (CZE) 3:02:26


1. Susanne Walter (GER) 3:23.29
2. Andrienn Völgyesi (HUN) 3:25:37
3. Kata Bálasz (HUN) 3:59:25

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