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Hot race in Bydgoszcz (Poland)

The good humoured podium in Bydgoszcz 2023 © Lars RohdeThe good humoured podium in Bydgoszcz 2023 © Lars Rohde

In sunshine and temperatures up to 36°C 48 athletes dared to start at the
5th World Cup race over the sprint distance – 475 m swim / 20.0 km bike / 4.0 km kayak and 5.0 km run.
With a daring jump (legs first into the water) of 2 athletes each 8 seconds apart into the 21° cool water the race started.

The fastest swimmer was Pawel Miziarski, closely followed by Adam Ogloblin. Almost at the same time, the two went on the bike and completed the flat and very fast bike course. Only during the paddle did Pawel pull away and secure victory with the fastest running time. Adam ran safely into second place and Tomasz Hoppe completed the podium with the second fastest paddle time.

Klaudia Petters led the women’s race after swimming and cycling. In the paddle, Susanne Walter briefly took the lead. Due to the faster run performance, Klaudia won with an excellent time. She crossed the finish line in fourth place overall and 1st woman. Susanne Walter took 2nd place in the women’s category and was pleased with the fastest bike time. Anna Zagorska completed the concentrated female power with the fastest paddle time of the day. She reached the finish line in third place.

The age group athletes also gave each other a run for their money and showed outstanding performances in all disciplines. The high participation of the women was also great.

It was a very nice and successful event organised by Tomasz Hoppe as part of the ENEA Bydgoszcz Triathlon. Many thanks for his good work on behalf of all participants.

It was a pity that only 4 athletes from Hungary and Germany found their way to Poland, but they did very well in the strong Polish starting field.

Susanne Walter GER 2nd woman and winner Ak W 40
Ellen Mielke GER 4th woman and winner W 60
Arnold Halasz HUN 5th man and 2nd Pc M 40
Karsten Mielke GER 14th man and 3rd Pc M 60

For a World Cup race a higher participation would be desirable.
Thanks to the racebook, which was distributed for the first time, the procedure was much easier for the foreign athletes than in the previous years. This innovation was very well received.

Commentary by Tomasz Hoppe:
In regards to the report – the racebook was not the first time distributed this year, same procedure applied in 2022: we have had sent the racebook by email to all Athletes prior to the event same in 2022 as in 2023 (in previous years – before pandemic- the racebook was printed and distributed on site).
We are trying to improve where possible, each piece of feedback is important.

For a given occasion, a reference to the WQF rules should be made here.
WQF – Rules 2.1 a
“Supreme principle is sportsmanship and keeping the rules. It is forbidden to get any advantage by violating the rules.”

WQF – Rules 7.1 a
“Coaching and escorting on the running course is not allowed.”

The Quadrathletes want to compete in a fair competition during the WQF races!

by Ellen Mielke

© photos by Lars Rohde



1. Pawel Miziarski (POL) 1:23:26
2. Adam Ogłoblin (POL) 1:26:29
3. Tomasz Hoppe (POL) 1:31:36
4. Jacek Kryger (POL) 1:35:49
5. Arnold Halasz (HUN) 1:37:21


1. Klaudia Petters (POL) 1:34:13
2. Susanne Walter (GER) 1:35:54
3. Anna Zagórska (POL) 1:38:39
4. Ellen Mielke (GER) 1:46:56
5. Agnieszka Fąferek (POL) 1:48:20

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