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Deva Divas Shine Again

Happy athlets at the Deva Diva Quadrathlon (GBR) 2021 (c) Chester Triathlon ClubHappy athlets at the Deva Diva Quadrathlon (GBR) 2021 (c) Chester Triathlon Club

With Covid Restrictions and so much uncertainty regarding regulations we were unsure how the Deva Divas Ladies Races would go this year. The 12 week Kayak course which I organize pre-race, had been full, we had some cancellations, but we managed an excellent 9 weeks with all 7 Girls doing very well and paddling K1 race Kayaks beautifully on Race Day, which was so rewarding!

A massive thank-you must go to our Race director ‘Sally Napthen’ and Chester Tri Race Organizing Team who held it all together working hard with all the Covid Rules and Restrictions! Also to everyone who prepared the race venue, course, safety, technical teams, all marshals across 4 disciplines, cake makers, commentators, and the list goes on and on!

Our Deva Divas Festival, was a real up lifter to many of us and athletes too, and having 3 races in our ‘Ladies Festival’ it proved to be a Great Success this year … The Triathlon, The Quadrathlon and now the popular Aqua Bike. There were a few missing due to covid self-isolation, we managed 31 finishers but sadly no hugs allowed on the Finish Line. All those Divas showed determination and dedication, not to forget the camaraderie as you supported your fellow competitors throughout the race.

We couldn’t have this race without the competitors, so thank-you to all you Deva Quadrathletes for giving it your all, you pushed hard, smiled all the way, you were amazing, and make our race so very special. It means so much to Sally Napthen and myself, when we see those Big Smiles throughout the race we know it’s been another memorable Day! I have had so many lovely messages from you all, it’s been a great pleasure and an honour to be part of YOUR journey, I am so proud of you all.

Everyone who took part in the Quadrathlon was a Winner; I know plenty of you had your own dreams and goals which you all blew away on Race Day! Never the less at the front end there was some excellent racing going on and leaders changed several times. Elizabeth Midding was first out of the swim, followed close by Gillian Melia, Elizabeth kept her lead in the kayak but was chased down by (previous winner 2018) Jenny Illidge. After a strong bike leg Adele Blakeborough, (also previous 2019 winner) came into transition in first place, with several other contenders close behind ….. so it was all down to who had the strongest run? Eleanor Young with very fresh legs started to chase them all down and eventually moved into first place, a great effort for this first time Quadrathlete, she also had her Mum Judith competing too!

Sadly due to Covid there were no presentations on the Podium, but all the Winners have received ‘Tri Girl Vouchers’ thanks to them for the ongoing support. As always in Quadrathlon we LOVE to share out the prizes so if you were in the top 3, the age group prizes are rolled down to the next person ….. Congratulations to you all!

by Jean Ashley

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1. Eleanor Young (GBR) 2:01:59
2. Adele Blakeborough (GBR) 2:03:36
3. Sallie Joseph (GBR) 2:05:09
4. Elizabeth Middling (GBR) 2:06:10
5. Jenny Illidge (GBR) 2:06:20



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