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Heated competition for European Championship titles

Just one week after the middle distance European Championship race in Tyn, Czech Republic, it was time for the sprint distance race. The race venue this year was the Koberbachtalsperre near Zwickau, Germany. Due to the high temperatures in the days leading up to the race, the water was around 25 degrees, meaning that wetsuits were prohibited. As usual Tomas Svoboda (CZE) dominated the swim. Immediately after the start William Peters (BEL) tried to get on the feet of Svoboda but could only hold onto him for a short time. However, in doing so, he created a slight gap between him and the other competitors. Svoboda held onto his lead on the challenging bike leg which meant that Peters and Ferenc Csima (HUN) were left hoping that they could overtake him in the kayak leg. David Kunderer (GER) und Leos Rousavy (CZE) were also still close enough to be in contention for a podium place.

On the three lap kayak leg Csima and Peters managed to take the lead but Svododa was only a few seconds behind them going out onto the hilly run, where by now the sun was really burning. In the end it was no surprise that, just like last week, the victory eventually went to Svoboda but there was still a battle for second place. Csima had a class performance and was able to attack Peters on the downhill. In the end, however Peters still had more to give and took second place and Csima third. Behind Csima, fourth place went to Rousavy, who had a great performance.

After her victory the week before, it was clear that for Lisa Teichert (GER) only a victory would count. This time Lisa, who is used to winning, felt in much better health than at the middle distance race and could yet again add her name to the list of winners. At the end of the swim Teichert’s training partner, Franziska Eberhardt was just with her and held onto this position on the bike leg. However, with a strong bike performance, Anke Trilling had clearly closed the gap and as a good kayaker managed to move into second place on the water. Trilling was then able to keep this position on the run leg to take the runners up place. On the run Eberhardt was able to stay ahead of fourth placed Magdalena Koberova (CZE), which meant that it was an all German podium on home turf.

The Quadrathlon was again part of the Triathlon programme, which this year celebrated its 10 year anniversary, with the quadrathlon taking place for eight of those years. Organiser Ronny Enke and his team of local life guards gave their best to ensure that all athletes were able to enjoy a great race, although not everything was perfect.

The battle for this year’s World Cup continues next weekend. Who will take the most points in Bydgoszcz, Poland? We are crossing our fingers for all the competitors!

by Helen Russel

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1. Tomas Svoboda (CZE) 1:27:25
2. William Peters (BEL) 1:29:36
3. Ferenc Cisma (HUN) 1:30:01
4. Leoš Roušavý (CZE) 1:34:05
5. David Kunder (GER) 1:35:10


1. Lisa Teichert (GER) 1:44:20
2. Anke Trilling (GER) 1:45:53
3. Franziska Eberhardt (GER) 1:49:25
4. Magdalena Koberova (CZE) 1:50:12
5. Susanne Walter (GER) 1:52:06

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