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Success in the Cazalegas Quadrathlon World Cup

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The III Cazalegas Quadrathlon was held the 16th of June 2024 in the vicinity of the Toledo town’s reservoir. Almost a hundred athletes came to compete in the 4th cup of the Quadrathlon world series, and the only one in Spain, being the largest among the international series to date, and establishing itself as the reference event in the Iberian Peninsula. The route consisted of 750m of swimming, 18km of cycling, 4km of kayaking, and 5km of running.

In the men’s individual, the Galician Juan Vázquez Amado clearly won with a total time of 1h10’13”, revalidating the title of the 2021 edition. Vázquez managed to be the fastest in all four segments, demonstrating an enormous performance. The swimming segment by Vázquez was very fast (9min11sec) to leave alone and with more than 1 minute advantage over the chasing group. Vázquez further extended his advantage in the cycling segment, where he set a time of 22min48sec, riding at more than 40km/h. In the kayak segment, Vázquez once again set the best time with 16min31sec, heading the foot segment with more than 5 minutes over the chasing group, led by Miguel Molero Martín. In the running segment, Vázquez clocked a time of 20min11sec to complete the 5km, reaching the finish line with enough of a lead to enjoy his entry. In second position came Miguel Molero Martín (1h15’33”) and third position went to the experienced quadrathlete Francisco José López Pérez (1h18’14”), who continues wining quadrathlon world cups.

In the women’s individual, Sara Irene Martínez Lorca (1h35’32”) gave the surprise and beat the favorite and winner of the last edition, Leticia Menéndez López (1h36’23”), with Nuria Madrid Fernández being the third classified (1h38’37”). The swimming segment was led by Sara, setting a time of 11min30sec, almost 1min30sec ahead of the second to leave the water, Nuria Madrid, and almost 3 minutes over the third classified, Marta Cívicos. Leticia Menéndez came out of the water 3 minutes 10 seconds behind the first classified. In the cycling segment, the comeback of Leticia was going to begin, who scored the best segments in cycling and running, but who failed to catch up with Sara at the finish line. Leticia performed a spectacular cycling segment, where she set a time of 27min25sec, cutting almost 1 minute from Sara, and cutting 3 minutes from Nuria Madrid. In the kayak segment, Sara defended herself with quite a bit of honor, completing a partial time of 29min48sec, although she was going to lose the lead, due to a spectacular kayak segment by Nuria Madrid, who with a time of 26 minutes and 6 seconds became the provisional leader at the end of the kayak segment, leading her opponents by more than 3 minutes and going out to run as the best positioned. Leticia, with a segment of 29 minutes and 8 seconds in kayak, was getting closer to Sara, but she saw how Nuria Madrid took the lead. The fight in the last segment was going to be very interesting. In the running segment, Sara did not wait and took the lead again as she passed through the first lap of the four they had to complete. Sara couldn’t relax because Leticia was coming from behind with a very strong pace and was cutting her time. Finally Sara managed to win the victory by marking a running segment of 23 min 48 sec, followed by Leticia who set the best time of the race with 22 min 47 sec, and third position went to Nuria who did a time of 27 min 07 sec in the running segment.

In relays, the men’s winning team was made up of Álvaro Arroyo, Clemente Gallardo, Alejandro González and Iñaki Fernandez, from the Cazalegas Team (1h’13’39”), the women’s winning team was made up of Mónica Escolar, Micaela Hiniesta, Oceane Harmony Brindeau and Beatriz Burcio, from Talavera, who revalidate the title and remain undefeated in all the editions they have participated (1h26’08”), and the mixed winning team of Emma Gómez and Javier Domínguez (1h15’54”), from the squali Carabanchel triathlon club.

In club classification, the winner was the Valencian Club Triatló a Corre-Cuita, with 512 points, in second position the Valmayor Triathlon Club (170 points) and in third position the Quijotes Triatlón Alcalá Club (165 points).

The mayor of Cazalegas, Mr. Francisco Blanco, the sports councilor Juan Manuel Jiménez, and the kayaker Paris 2024 Olympian Estefanía Fernández were present at the awards ceremony.

by Enrique Peces

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© Photos by Juan Ros



1. Juan Vázquez Amado (ESP) 1:10:13
2. Miguel Molero Martin (ESP) 1:15:44
3. Francisco José López Pérez (ESP) 1:18:14


1. Sara Irene Martinez Lorca (ESP) 1:35:32
2. Leticia Menendez Lopez (ESP) 1:36:23
3. Nuria Madrid Fernandez (ESP) 1:38:37

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