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Effort fight and success in the Quadrathlon World Cup in Cazalegas

Quadrathlon Cazalegas (ESP) 2021 (c) cuadriatlon.esQuadrathlon Cazalegas (ESP) 2021 (c) cuadriatlon.es

After the success achieved in the 2019 edition, the world of the quadrathlon met again in the Toledo town of Cazalegas last Sunday, September 26.

But before continuing, the reader will arise the question “what does the quadrathlon consist of?” Quick, simple and direct answer: It is the most complete sport of all, in which to the three traditional triathlon disciplines (swimming, cycling and running) we add a tougher one if possible, kayaking. In addition, in this discipline we have the possibility of participating in the individual category or in a spectacular relay event (where up to four participants can perform the race).

So with all these ingredients, added to the participation record achieved in the aforementioned last edition of 2019 (in 2020 due to the pandemic it had to be cancelled), we find ourselves again in Cazalegas and its incredible surroundings, with its reservoir in front of it, to establish another one, the largest quadrathlon of the 2021 World Series with more than 110 participants. Cazalegas and the Spanish quadrathlon, record and record. Because yes, the international quadrathlon is also organized in Triathlon-style World Series and one of its races has taken place in Cazalegas.
In the men’s individual category, Juan Vázquez Amado (Arteixo Triathlon) was the winner, followed by Enrique Peces García (Club CTOA) and Borja Estomba Nieto (Club Oarsotri). In the absolute female category, Lorena Esteban Pato (Club Ecosport) was the winner, followed by Estibalitz Ruiz de Infante (Triathlon Santander) and Ruth Varona Díaz (Club Grúas Tinlohi).

As for relay teams, it is worth highlighting the victory by men’s teams of two Olympic athletes: Fernando Alarza (triathlon, member of the Tri Armada) and Francisco Cubelos (canoeing, twice Olympic diploma and captain of the national team) together with Héctor Cubelos (now duathlete and until recently professional canoeist and world champion) and Luis Rincón (multiple national triathlon medalist). In the women’s relay team, the victory was gone to Beatriz Burcio (several times national medalist in canoeing), Océane Brindeau (several times national medalist in canoeing), Micaela Hiniesto (national triathlet) and Mónica Escolar (national swimmer).

In other outstanding results, the male cadet victory of José Carlos Jaro Camacho (Club Canoeing Talavera Talak), male junior for Jorge Massages Julián (Fluvial Club of Lugo) and male master Fco. José López Pérez (Club Deportivo Cisne Valladolid).

Complete results available on the official website of the Quadriathlon Cazalegas.

by Enrique Peces

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1. Juan Vázquez (ESP) 1:12:00
2. Enrique Peces (ESP) 1:15:13
3. Borja Estomba (ESP) 1:15:37
4. Jesús Cabrero (ESP) 1:18:25
5. Francisco José López (ESP) 1:18:48


1. Lorena Esteban (ESP) 1:28:24
2. Estibalitz Ruiz (ESP) 1:40:07
3. Ruth Varona (ESP) 1:45:10
4. Ewelina Joanna Niwelt (ESP) 1:49:06

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