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Fabian4 Conwy Mountain Triathlon

Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Challenge (GBR) 2018 (c) Neil Lewis-Jones

Well, what a fantastic day it proved to be for the 5th race in the BQA Trophy. Amazing performances from some amazing athletes, & very professional work by marshals/radio-controllers/time-keepers/photographers/safety-boat drivers/course-checkers/sweepers/first-aiders…..The feedback has been amazing – it seems that our courses were challenging, our post-event food was great, the atmosphere buzzed & that the overwhelming feeling was one of fulfilment & enjoyment. Congratulations to #TeamFabian4 as ever they produced a superbly organized race for all the athletes!

Congratulations to the winner Michael Mason, having a strong solid race from the start winning by 18 mins (3.30.37) to Alex Pilkington, (3.48.39) with BQA members Alan Cole ,(3.55.54) in 3rd Place, followed by Nigel Leeson winning the Vet 50 category (4.01.55). First female was Sarah Barnwell 9th overall (4.15.47)

Well done to our other BQA members who took part
15th Christ Carter 4.39.50
23rd Lance ball 5.16.05
24th John Kavanagh 5.41.24
Sadly David Finch and Peter Tindall DNF

by Jean Ahsley

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More Pictures Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

by SJ Photography, Chris Gash, NeeNee LJ



1. Michael Mason (GBR) 3:30:37
2. Alex Pilkington (GBR) 3:48:39
3. Alan Cole (GBR) 3:55:54
4. Nigel Leeson (GBR) 4:01:55
5. Ben Beachell (GBR) 4:07:16


1. Sarah Barnwell (GBR) 4:15:47
2. Rebecca Good (GBR) 4:53:53
3. Caroline Dallimore (GBR) 5:13:52

Another look at the race

Race report form Alan Cole:

Organizer Homepage


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