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Montgomery Canal Triathlon 2018

Montgomery Canal Triathlon (GBR) 2018 (c) BQA

This was just a great warm up to our British Quadrathlon season, and a perfect day out down the Historic Canal. I have done this event 5 times now and have really enjoyed the challenge, its great pre-race training and a good opportunity to support the Montgomery Canal Trust. We were blessed with a beautiful day, no wind and blue bird skies. I had hoped to crack the 4 hour mark this year … but just missed it by a couple of minuits!

240 athletes/fundraisers started the journey to bike, run/walk and then kayak the 35miles following the tow path of the Montgomery Canal. The journey starts in Newtown and finished in Lower Frankton, running along the tow path and in the canal all the way 17miles biking, 11miles running, and 7 miles of kayaking/canoeing, with the majority using Canadian Canoes (in pairs). The more competitive ones amongst us start first at 8.30 (in groups of 6), leaving the ones taking it ‘a bit less competitive’ to start at a more steady pace! I must say if I’d of seen the Tea, Cakes and sandwiches at the transition areas I might of been persuaded to take my time, but there were plenty at the finish too!

The race is extremely well organized and the marshals very supportive all the way, it is a beautiful canal and a real pleasure to support ‘The Friends of the Montgomery Canal Trust’ in helping them raise money to help restore this historic canal!

by Jean Ashley

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