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First quadrathlon race in Slovenia

At the award ceremonyAt the award ceremony

On 26th August a new country, Slovenia was put on the quadrathlon map. The beautiful Bohinj lake and the surrounding mountains in the Triglav National Park hosted the first quadrathlon as part of the traditional 36th edition Triathlon Steelman Bohinj event. Jure Soda and his organising team did his best – starting with the welcome berry drink and traditional greasy bred at the registration, and ending with the lottery, lots of presents and warm food after the race. The traditional Steelman race is consisting one free chosen water discipline (8 km kayak or 5 km SUP or 1,7 km swimming) afterwards uphill mountain biking (elevation gain 950 m) and uphill mountain running (elevation gain 600 m) are for everybody the last two disciplines. Quadratletes used the same routes starting with 1,7 km swim followed by 8 km kayak and the 16 km uphill mountain bike. The running course was different with 2 laps of a flat 5 km course.

The weather conditions were unusual hot for this period. However the water temperature was rather cold with 20 degrees, as Bohinj lake is filled with water from mountain river Sava Bohinjka. So wetsuite was allowed for swimming in the crystal clear water. The kayak was 1 big lap and participants used the full length of the lake. The water was calm without any waves. The most exhausting part of the race was the mountain bike session starting at the lake and ending at the Pokljuka Biathlon Centre. The first 4 km was on relatively flat roads so athletes could warm up for the next 12 km climbing. The surface was various, mainly crushed stones partly bigger stones. Last part of the course was especially steep. The running coursed was led in the forest around Pokljuka Biathlon Stadium with no surprises, and the finish area was set up also in the stadium. Unfortunately there were only few participants for the first time, but many of the traditional event participants showed already interest to do the quadrathlon next year.

by Ferenc Csima



1. Ferenc Csima (HUN) 2:57:24
2. Leoš Roušavý (CZE) 3:01:42
3. Keith Longney (GBR) 3:33:15
4. Lukas Pacak (SLO) 3:38:46
6. Arnold Halász (HUN) 3:39:24
7. Robert Peter Zajc (SLO) 4:11:05
8. Peter Mejzlik (CZE) 4:28:34